Why entrepreneurs fail ~ and what to do about it

Businesses fail for many reasons, but underlying all the possible causes there is one truth that, if better understood by the entrepreneur, would have ensured success. That truth is that to succeed you have to operate inside your “flow zone”.

In my work with thousands of entrepreneurs this is the picture I draw most often, and is likely to keep drawing in helping my clients to understand how they can also be hugely successful:

Cacaity x Opportunity = Flow


To increase your likeliness of success, you should aim to position yourself and your business in the space where the Capacity of your business to deliver repeatable value and quality output, is in balance with the Opportunities within your reach, or perhaps also those Opportunities which will stretch your Capacity with about 10% outside your comfort zone.

In short, your “flow zone” is where your Capacity to deliver is in balance with the Opportunities you pursue.

So, why do entrepreneurs fail? They do not apply this very simple (but profound) truth.

The outgoing “marketers” amongst us, easily see the potential of new avenues and pursue these without much thought about how their promises are going to be implemented. As a result, they keep disappointing customers, and have a huge churn in sales clients.

On the other hand, the perfectionist “engineers” amongst us, focus so much on tweaking their products and services, that they forget that they will in fact also need clients to buy what they offer. They are wrapped up in the technical features of their offering, and as a result fail to connect with the prospects who could become loyal customers.

You can avoid this trap by seeking out that zone where your Capacity and Opportunities are in balance ~ where your business is in its flow!

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