The Joyful Janitor – a lesson in happy work

Do you take pride in your work and thoroughly enjoy what you do at work each day?

Well, many would say that they just do a mundane job, and that there is little to enjoy in their responsibilities.

Not correct! And I can prove it…

Just visit the men’s arrival wash rooms at the Johannesburg OR Thambo Airport and you’ll be welcomed into the joyful work space of the janitor.

“Welcome to my office!” he tells each new “visitor” as they enter the wash room and then he kindly directs them to the next available urinal. And as the next cubicle user exits he jumps forward with his disinfectant spray and cleaning gloves — ready to make the “meeting room” ready for the next user.

I’m reminded that even the smallest of tasks can bring joy to you and those you are serving. And I ask myself, as I make my way to car rentals, what could I do differently to show my joy of doing meaningful work.

What could you do differently today to show the joy of your work?

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