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Play your best game and simplify your plan

Flow Canvas creator Christoff Oosthuysen offered two important tips at the lunch-time Upstart talk at the University of Cape Town — play your best game and simplify your plan! In the talk he explained that you can make your business model easy to understand if you answer “the five questions to all answers”. These are: What you […]

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Does Effort Equal Success?

It is that time of the year again… piles of school books to cover and the obligatory “Meet The Teacher” meeting. Not that I mind the meeting  —  in fact I rather look forward to get to know a little about the person I am entrusting my precious child with for six hours or more every weekday. Only, […]

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Do Your Groundwork Before Looking For Finance

Here is another BizTip for entrepreneurs who want to take their future into their own hands by expanding their businesses or by starting out a new venture:  “Do Your Groundwork Before Looking For Finance”. Christoff Oosthuysen is the resident business coach on Randall Abrahams’ weekly radio show, Point of View. Here is another of the […]

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