“This practical book, full of proven principles, will help you to achieve
more and better results faster than ever before”

– Brian Tracy, inspirational entrepreneur and publisher of over 45 business
and self-development books in many languages of the world



“RESULTS! How to succeed in a fast-changing world with a 1-page business plan” is a 250 page book by entrepreneur Christoff Oosthuysen, the creator of the Flow Canvas 1-Page Planning Tool

The traditional business plan takes ages to do — so long that by the time it is done the plan is very likely to be redundant!

This book offers a fresh approach to planning, ideal for entrepreneurs and leaders of non-profit organisations to use in achieving good results in the fast-changing world of today. It offers an easy explanation on how to use the 1-Page Flow Canvas Plan so that the actions needed now are clearly defined while you know you are moving closer to achieving your bigger purpose.

In RESULTS! Christoff Oosthuysen draws on the insights he gained over nearly three decades of starting and growing businesses and organisations, as well as his experience as coach and trainer of entrepreneurs and leaders of non-profits during the past seven years. The approach he offers is easy to understand and implement, but is comprehensive in the profound effect when applied in purpose-driven organisations or businesses.

You can keep dreaming about what is possible, postponing a firm decision to create a plan that will allow you to thrive or you can take action now to create a plan that will show exactly what must be done for you to live up to your purpose.

Results! How to succeed in a fast-changing world with a 1-page business plan

250 pages in 3 parts

The book is presented in three parts covering from why business plans fail and new thinking in what makes business work; to what makes an effective business plan work for you; to using the Flow Canvas as a practical tool

Flow creates results

Central to what is presented in the book is that your plans need to reflect the dynamic balance between your capacity to deliver and the opportunities your pursue, which is where you find yourself in the 'flow zone'

Live your life purpose

You can achieve your life purpose through your work if you know that what you do next will get you quicker to your bigger goals

21 Tips & 21 Tasks

Each chapter offers a practical tip and guides you in completing a task that will help in understanding how to do a very useful 1-Page Plan for yourself


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