Research results show how to be happy

Two recent Gallup Management Journal articles provide some interesting insights into research on how you can create the conditions for more happiness in your life.

It boils down to this:
– Live with people/someone who has high wellbeing and it will boost your chances of having high wellbeing.
– Donating money rather than buying material goods for yourself and get greater return for your wellbeing.

Interestingly it was found that a person is “more than two times as likely to be thriving when another person in the same household is thriving, compared to living with a person who is not thriving. Specifically, your chances of having thriving overall wellbeing are 63% if you live with someone who has thriving overall wellbeing, 29% if you live with someone who has struggling overall wellbeing, and 20% if you live with someone who has suffering overall wellbeing.”

Would the same apply to the “wellbeing” of a business?

Will a business thrive when it is positioned closely with other businesses that are doing well?

Would a business do better when it focusses on the value it gives its customers and not the profits delivered?

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