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Perform as a teamToday’s BizTip is for entrepreneurs and business owners who would like to succeed by doing more of what they love doing and are great at, while they know the other people on their teams will attend to the rest.

This is a very important tip: Perform as a team!

This is one of the most important pieces of advice I can give, since the way to achieve your goals most effectively, and in the most rewarding way for you, is to work within a team.

An effective team allows the individual to focus on what he or she is great at, while other team members can take care of the rest.

Therefore, you should try build a team around you of people who love to take care of the tasks you are not good at, so that you spend more quality time doing what you love!

Compare this to a soccer team where you have 11 players. There are defenders who have their role to play in keeping the rear covered and there’s a goal keeper who must keep the ball out of the net. Then there are the mid-fielders, who are good at spreading the ball and creating spaces on the field. And there are the strikers, who have to run into the spaces and score the goals.

Each player fills a position – they each have a role to fulfil in implementing the game plan.

Yes, the captain might be in charge of the team on the field, and the coach might be shouting advice from the side, but it is up to each and every player to stick to their positional requirements. Then the team will perform well!

What would happen if the captain tried play all positions? We can all see that such a team will not get anywhere!

Now, the same applies to business. You’ll perform best in a team where the team members know their roles and responsibilities. Where they know what criteria will be used to assess their performance. And where they get feedback on how they are doing.

So, to implement this tip with good success, you need to be aware of what helps teams to work well. You should consider, for instance:

  • Promoting co-operation by clarifying common goals of the team as a whole;
  • Defining team members’ individual roles; and
  • Providing constructive feedback so that all team members know how they are doing.

The best possible way to succeed is to perform as a team.

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