Get Ready For The Silly Season

stressHere is another BizTip for entrepreneurs who want to take their future into their own hands by making most of the upcoming holiday period: “Get Ready For The Silly Season”.

Christoff Oosthuysen is the resident business coach on Randall Abrahams’ weekly radio show, Point of View. Here is another of the weekly BizTips…

BizTip – Get Ready For The Silly Season

Perhaps you feel that the holidays are approaching too fast and that things are really getting “silly” with so much to happen in your business now. Perhaps your customers are postponing buying decisions now and you’re worried that you won’t meet your sales targets? Or you may already be stressed by the issues at work you’ll have to face when the holidays are over?

Well, if so, you’re not the only one. For many professionals and business people the holidays mean a long to-do list of tasks to be complete before they can go for a well-deserved break. While for others it means the start of the window period which will determine their financial success for the whole year.

You’re probably asking yourself: “Could this holiday period be different?” Well, here is the good news: “IT CAN BE DIFFERENT”.

So, how can it be different? Let me give you five quick tips here which I include in a programme I’m currently doing for entrepreneurs on preparing for and then enjoying their holidays so that they and their businesses get most benefit from the “silly season”.

Tip 1 is: Ask Your Team For Advice
Call your team together as soon as the approaching holidays become a discussion point and ask for each to name three things they can do, three things their colleagues can do and three things the company can do to increase sales and improve customer service. You should create the capacity in your business to delegate responsibilities – all your responsibilities – so that you can take your mind 100% off the business. And expect all possible problems that could emerge, so that you can put a plan in place before you leave so that those remaining behind know exactly what to do.

Tip 2 is my favourite; it is: Keep Partying Before You Go
Many businesses are organising events during this period. Get onto every invitation list you can and show up with the intention to connect with the people you’re meant to serve. These parties are great for expanding your network! Be sure to collect contact details of those who you have qualified as important prospects and connect with them afterwards. One point of caution: watch out not to over-indulge!

Tip 3 is: Connect With Your Fans
The holidays give you a perfect excuse to stay in touch with current and past customers. Select those you really want to get closer to and deliver a gift; plus send a card with a difference to the rest – perhaps a hand-written note by you and your team, or a photo of your team, signed by them all.

Tip 4 is: Create Holiday Specials
Many businesses are slowing down now. So ad something that will give their decision to buy just that extra power such as “knock-your-socks-off discounts” or access to extra advice for the same price. Or if you’re selling to the public, do not take on your competitors head-to-head; rather find out what their holiday specials are and find some extra benefits you can offer customers without competing with others.

And tip 5 is: Make Repeat Business Count
Introduce gift vouchers or referral discounts in the period leading up to the holidays to bring customers to you when they would otherwise not be doing business with you; or when they would not direct their friends to you. Make your calculations and sharpen your pencil to add sales volume, even at a substantial discount.

Those are the five tips I can offer you to make sure you get most out of the “silly season” – for your business and for yourself.

And then a last thought:
Your Holiday Starts When You’re Leaving Your Gate
It is from the moment you leave your home, not when you reach your destination, that your holiday starts. Make your travelling time a happy time, where you share joyful moments with your family by for instance playing some travel games, or teaching each other new songs. And when you are at your destination, experience the joy of being in the moment with your loved ones. You can create specific reflection time each day where you, for instance, keep a journal of your thoughts on how to improve your business and what you can do differently to be “master of your destiny”. If you write your thoughts down each day, you can relax the rest of the time knowing that you’ll get back home after the holiday with a diary full of ideas to carry forward in improving your business.

Remember, the success of your business depends on YOU.

So, ask your team for advice when the holiday period approaches; keep partying and connect with your fans; create holiday specials; and make repeat business count. And remember, your holiday starts when you’re leaving your gate.

Take your future in your hands! Get Ready For The Silly Season!


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