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The word “flow” does not only refer to the efficient movement of volumes, such as water flowing through pipes,  traffic flowing on highways and cash flowing in business.  Flow also refers to the experience when you are fully immersed in what you are doing, and when these activities result in exceptional achievement.

A key condition for achieving flow is the balance between your organisational or  business capacity to deliver value and the opportunities you pursue. This balance can be described as a “formula”, illustrating how you can increase flow. We call this “The ABCD of Flow in Business”. By applying this “formula” you can experience optimum engagement yourself in the activities you do, while also seeing the increase of customers, money and innovation.

In the booklet “15 Tips – Practical Advice To Grow Your Business And Find Your Own Flow” Christoff Oosthuysen offers achievable advice on how you can apply “The ABCD of Flow in Business” in making your dreams become reality.

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“It is how we choose what we do, and how we approach it, that will determine whether the sum of our days adds up to a formless blur, or to something resembling a work of art.”

― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in “Finding Flow:
The Psychology Of Engagement With Everyday Life”

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