How does the question-based process work to complete my plan?

The Flow Canvas Online Tool is designed to make it really easy to do your plan on your own. It is presented as a series of questions, with you always only seeing one question at a time. You can therefore focus on this question at hand. The questions are formulated to help you in thinking through your plan, so the one question will lead you into the answer for the next.

Is there help for me when I'm unclear about a question?

When you start with each section of your plan, you will have the opportunity to watch a short video clip and read through an introduction to the section. This will provide you with insight into the questions that will follow. Your answers are however specific to your own situation. This is why the guidance offered through the online tool makes it very clear what that section is about and how you could apply it to your own situation.

Can I interrupt the process of completing my plan, or must I do it in one sitting?

The tool is specifically designed to allow you to do it section-by-section. There are in total nine such opportunities to pause the process. You should however complete a section in one sitting since the questions do follow on each other, which requires an uninterrupted session for each of the sections.

How will I know how to start the first section and each of the subsequent new sections?

After your initial sign-up, you will receive an email from Christoff Oosthuysen explaining what to do next. In fact, he will introduce each new section to you via an email. In that email, you will also find a link, which you can click to start with the following section. In this way you will not get lost in the transition from one section to the next and you can also be sure to get advice specifically applicable to that section.

How long will it take for me to complete my plan?

The time it takes to complete your 1-Page Flow Canvas Plan is totally dependent on you. Some have completed it in not much more than an hour (but that is the exception). Mostly it takes several hours and mostly users like to spread the process over a few days. It will however depend on your need for reflection and thinking… The advice is that you start each section knowing that you will not be rushed. For this it is recommended that you do not have anything scheduled for the hour after starting out with a section (except for the first section, which may take a bit longer if you wish to reflect more on how your plan supports your life purpose).

What individual support will I get when I use the online tool?

By the time that you completed your 1-Page Plan, you would have specified all the key elements of your plan. This is when you will get individual feedback from a senior Flow Coach. Currently Christoff Oosthuysen has taken it onto himself to do all of the feedback, but in the event that he is not available, an alternative senior Flow Coach will give you specific comments and tips on how to improve your plan so that it can be used as a tool in achieving good results.

What is the difference between the Flow Canvas 1-Page Plan and the Action Guide I will get?

When you completed your Flow Canvas plan, you will receive guidance from Christoff Oosthuysen in compiling your Action Plan too. Your Flow Canvas Plan describes all the key elements of your plan, as it is reflected in the energetic connection between these elements on your “canvas”. It does not always explain all the actions needed to make that happen. This is why you also need to translate your Flow Canvas Plan into an Action Plan. The Action Plan is what it says… a summary of all the actions needed to make your Flow Canvas plan come to life.

How does the Flow Canvas differ from other one page plans?

Most planning frameworks view a business or organisation as a place where a diversity of activities are organised to produce a single result. As a result the plans they produce see each of the aspects of the business or organisation as “stand-alone units” you can plan for. The Flow Canvas is different. It makes use of “planning polarities” to help you in clarifying the elements of your plan which may be fuzzy. In other words, it uses the elements where you have more clarity to help you understand what should be planned for in the other areas. This is possible since the framework is based on an underlying understanding of the energetic relationship between the planning elements. Each element has an influence on the other, with the result that changes in the one is likely to lead to changes in all of the others. In his book,“RESULTS! How to succeed in a fast-changing world with a 1-page business plan”, Christoff Oosthuysen offers a detailed explanation of the underlying architecture of the Flow Canvas.

What other services are available apart from the online planning tool?

The online planning tool is a recent addition to the services available for using the Flow Canvas as a planning tool. The following are also offered:

What does it cost to use the online planning tool and how are payments processed?

Payments are secure and easy to do through the well established Paypal portal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you may use your credit card to pay without opening a Paypal account, knowing that the transaction is managed by on of  the most reputable payment portals. You can select the tool or book best suited to you. The product prices are available on the “Buy” page.

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