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Does passion lead to burn-out?

To have passion for what you do is good for business! Or is it? Recent psychological research suggests that some forms of passion may be detrimental, writes Scott Barry Kaufman of New York University in a Harvard Business Review article. He refers to two “flavours” of passion: harmonious and obsessive, and how it relates to […]

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From knowledge to creation to empathy

It’s common knowledge that the driving force in our economy is knowledge and information. However, notes Naspers’ internet head Antonie Roux in a recent Maverick article, it is creative companies that are now succeeding. “Fortune did an analysis over the last 10 or 20 years of the successes and failures in Silicon Valley. In the […]

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Teach Your Brain To Be Happy

It’s amazing that the degree of fulfilment and joy we experience – including in our work and productive tasks – is wholly determined by the way our brains are wired. And what’s more amazing is that we can improve these experiences by changing this wiring! While there isn’t a foolproof prescription for making yourself a […]

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Attention Management Tip For Productivity

“Focus your undivided attention on a task during an uninterrupted block of time.” This is today’s “attention management” tip for productivity in your work, from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, as explained in his book Good Business – Leadership, Flow and the Making of Meaning. On average it takes you between 15 minutes and an hour to complete […]

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Are you a true entrepreneur?

Do you see yourself as truly entrepreneurial? Do you lead your teams, manage your business processes and master yourself like an entrepreneur? Use Christoff Oosthuysen’s quick test to see how you measure up. It is called the 3 x 3 of True Entrepreneurship and it is based on the understanding that true entrepreneurs operate on […]

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Achieve Automagical Results

When you know how to create the conditions for ‘Flow’, you can achieve more than you thought would be possible in your business – you’ll see great results as if by magic, while you only do what you love to do. Here are some practical tips on allowing your business to grow by achieving ‘Flow’. […]

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