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Helping your employees to find their flow

Optimal experiences at work are within our grasp! This is what the science of positive psychology shows us today and which individuals can learn from in transforming their lives. But, you may ask, how do we translate these insights into practical business tactics? Along comes Ken Blanchard, best-selling co-author of “The One Minute Manager” and half a ton other books […]

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Research results show how to be happy

Two recent Gallup Management Journal articles provide some interesting insights into research on how you can create the conditions for more happiness in your life. It boils down to this: – Live with people/someone who has high wellbeing and it will boost your chances of having high wellbeing. – Donating money rather than buying material […]

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Does passion lead to burn-out?

To have passion for what you do is good for business! Or is it? Recent psychological research suggests that some forms of passion may be detrimental, writes Scott Barry Kaufman of New York University in a Harvard Business Review article. He refers to two “flavours” of passion: harmonious and obsessive, and how it relates to […]

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Who are you, Christoff Oosthuysen?

How do you reply when asked: “Who are you?” Christoff Oosthuysen’s coach, Martin Jimmink, uses the model of the “Identity Iceberg” to help his clients in answering this question for themselves. Listen to Martin’s 10 minute interview with Christoff on applying the Identify Iceberg to Christoff as Business Improver and Flow Coach… Christoff Oosthuysen interviewed […]

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