Ask for feedback to get better results

feedbackWould it not be great if feedback at the end of all conversations was seen as part of the usual way of doing, just like starting a conversation with asking “how are you”?

Imagine this: You have a meeting with a prospective client and at the end of the meeting, as you prepare to conclude the discussion, you take turns to comment on what each of you did or said that were great, and what each of you think the other party could have done differently.

We would learn and improve what we do much quicker! And we would find our own flow sooner.

Now, please be reminded that there are in fact many opportunities for us to build feedback into our routines, especially in the way we do things internally in our organisations. Why not try it out, and if it works, you make it part of your business culture.

In Flow Finders International we have recently added one more of these routines to our weekly agenda. We are now sitting down every Tuesday morning for an hour for what we call our Round Robin. We go round the table with each team member making a telephone call to a new prospect or new connection. After the call other team members give feedback on how the call went and make suggestions on what could be done differently. In this way we are not only creating an outward-looking approach built on always connecting with new people; we are also creating a culture where feedback forms part of our way of helping each other to get better at what we do.

Feedback “rituals” (like our Round Robin) can help you to get better at what you do — quickly!

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