Are you a true entrepreneur?

Do you see yourself as truly entrepreneurial? Do you lead your teams, manage your business processes and master yourself like an entrepreneur?

Use Christoff Oosthuysen’s quick test to see how you measure up. It is called the 3 x 3 of True Entrepreneurship and it is based on the understanding that true entrepreneurs operate on three levels, everywhere, all the time:

  1. They lead people
  2. They manage processes.
  3. They master themselves.

And within each of the three there are three things true entrepreneurs always do – therefore the name “3 x 3 of True Entrepreneurship”.


Leadership is about charting and adjusting the course for your business and its people. There are three things true entrepreneurs do as leaders.

  • They share goals:
    Do you share your goals? YES/NO

True entrepreneurs direct all their stakeholders with love towards shared and achievable goals, including their staff, suppliers and in many instances also customers. Do your people know the goals of your business? Mind you, do your clients know?

  • They adapt to change:
    Do you adapt your goals to deal with change? YES/NO

True entrepreneurs understand environmental shifts early on and interpret their significance to the goals they share with their stakeholders. Can you predict the next trend in your industry and are you sharing this with your suppliers and staff?

  • They build teams:
    Do you consciously build your teams? YES/NO

True entrepreneurs inspire their people to increase their contributions to the business while the entrepreneurs also develop productive and happy teams. Do you make sure that your people are happy and working together productively in your respective teams?


Management is about getting things done inside the business as an organisation. Again there are three things true entrepreneurs do:

  • They make progress:
    Do you identify reasons for achievement or failure? YES/NO

True entrepreneurs monitor the progress of their businesses towards identified goals and clarify reasons for achievements or failures. They have quick indicators they can look at to see and compliment good achievements, and hey use these indicators to also identify failures that are not repeated. Do you have your own measures to monitor progress? Do you give praise when something is achieved and do you reprimand when something wrong is done?

  • They optimise risk:
    Do you take calculated risks? YES/NO

True entrepreneurs identify and control risks to create opportunities while maintaining a safe environment where nasty surprises do not take them out of business. Do you look out for the risks others are unable to manage? And do you ring fence the potential fall-out of a failure?

  • They improve quality:
    Do you constantly improve? YES/NO

True entrepreneurs make sure that problems are identified, analysed and solved so that stress is removed, efficiencies improved and the highest quality output maintained. Do you and your people regularly analyse your business problems and identify ways of making improvements?


Mastery is about always playing your own best game. Yet again there are three things true entrepreneurs always do.

  • They stretch themselves:
    Do you stretch yourself? YES/NO

True entrepreneurs know and constantly stretch their own natural talents and acquired skills; and where they know they fall short, they get the best talent available to fill the gaps.

  • They live extraordinarily:
    Do you live extraordinarily? YES/NO

True entrepreneurs organise their days and their physical surroundings around schedules that are most suitable to their natural rhythms, around systems that take the effort out of the tasks they have to perform, and around rituals that inspire them to live an extraordinary life.

  • They give more:
    Do you give? YES/NO

Keep learning from the magic you create and the mistakes you make to enhance your contributions to others.

Be entrepreneurial. Show strong leadership in your teams, improve the management of your business processes and keep mastering the art of entrepreneurship!

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