More about the Flow Canvas

Christoff OosthuysenThe Flow Canvas 1-Page Plan is a business model development tool created by Christoff Oosthuysen, an entrepreneur and business coach based in Cape Town, South Africa. He started his professional career in the late 1980s in publishing for newly literate adults, but was soon drawn to the information needs of new entrepreneurs.

After selling one of the publishing sections of his business in 2006, Christoff started coaching entrepreneurs and leaders in non-profit organisations. His focus was soon directed at helping them to achieve clarity so that the actions they plan lead to achieving their bigger purpose.

The practical experience of working with hundreds of businesses and non-profit organisations over nearly a decade lead to the development of the Flow Canvas. This tool is now widely used by the thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders.

This website offers wider access to the Flow Canvas tool in the form of a set of online planners specifically targeted at leaders and entrepreneurs who are driven to make a difference through their work. The tools available offer users the option to select the one most suitable to their situation.

In the book “RESULTS! How to succeed in a fast-changing world with a 1-page business plan” Christoff offers readers access to the insights he gained through his practical work as coach and entrepreneur. The book is organised into three sections, covering the approach he teaches when helping entrepreneurs and leaders to increase their impact, the underlying logic of using energetic relationships in business planning, and the practical application of the Flow Canvas at hand of four easy to follow examples.

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