7 tips on how to get tasks done — even if they are mundane

ticksI just completed one of our regular Flow Canvas Practitioner Circle Meet-ups and must share with you the great combined insights from the discussion on what we can do to be more effective in getting tasks done, even if they seem mundane.
1 – Make a list, and tick off when done.

2 – Start with the most difficult/least desirable task; or if that does not work, start with the small/easiest to gain momentum.

3 – Decide on which time of the day you are most productive.

4 – Set a challenge in the task, like time limitation for mundane tasks.

5 – Reward yourself on completing the task.

6 – Reflect on you emotion to get into a better attitude towards the task.

7 – Clarify how does the task fit into achieving your bigger intention.

And then, the bonus tip is that you can challenge your awareness on the importance of the “little” things in life — it is in fact all the little things in life, that makes it all come together!

  • Thanks Gcobani Ndabeni, Lluwellyn Diedericks and Douglas Racionzer for sharing your insights today!

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