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Tyronne Nel & Christoff Oosthuysen here.

Thanks for showing interest in joining us with nine other business owners in working with you on moving from a business that is surviving, to one that is thriving.

We only take 10 entrepreneurs onto the programme, all who have been in business for several years. Your participation will be through convenient online workshops (4 x group sessions of 2 hours each), individual work in-between workshops (4 x practical application on your business) and individual consultations (one with each of us). You’ll have to commit about 4 hours a week for the full six weeks of the programme.

In “From Surviving To Thriving” you can look forward to: 

  • Remove the stress of going from crisis to crisis by creating a well-functioning business
  • See radical improvement in your profitability while serving your audience
  • Define your life purpose and how your business will support you in achieving it
  • Work with a productive team who are focussing on their strengths
  • Do what you love doing and are best at so that you enjoy what you do
  • Use practical online tools such as the Flow Canvas 1-Page Plan & SME Snapshot
  • Introduce a planning cycle that helps in solving problems
  • Be in charge of your business finances through simple, yet effective control steps
  • Refine your business model so that it becomes a sellable asset

One of the main tools we’ll introduce you to is the Flow Canvas 1-Page Plan. The approach followed with the Flow Canvas is based on new thinking in entrepreneurship, offering you a practical way of creating a map to guide you towards the results you are aiming for. We’ll also show you how to take financial control of your business with the SME Snapshot.

Of course, we also bring our experience of starting, growing and selling our own businesses into the programme. In fact jointly we have nearly four decades of experience to share with you.

If this is for you, then book your seat for the 6-week “From Surviving To Thriving” Programme by filling out the form below. Remember, only the first ten to book and pay the R4 987 fee will be joining us.

The workshops are scheduled for four Mondays at 10h30 starting on 30 May; and the individual consultations follow the two weeks after 27 June.

Looking forward to learn about your business and to support you in taking your business from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’.

Best wishes

Chrstoff (webinar)

Christoff Oosthuysen

Tyronne (webinar)


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Please note that only the first ten confirmed and paid bookings will be accepted. If you should be listed after the first ten, your name will be retained should there be any cancelations.



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